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December 6, 2009, 4:37 pm
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I’m so Far Off Right Now…
September 15, 2008, 1:18 am
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I'm so Far Off Right Now...

I’m so far off of my usual rocker that it’s not funny…

Sorry for not posting anything earlier, but I’ve been… the only word to use is off. I’m literally completely out of my mind, what with school and writing and general stuff I need to take care of… I’m getting to the point where I’m frustrated with little things, and I have a huge amount of patience for people. I’m going insane, I swear I am.

…at least I got three free iTunes downloads.

*runs off to download Dir en grey and VAMPS*

Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can get some of my stress out? My self-imposed workload is killing me…


PS: Happy birthday, Miyavi!!!

Date: [Sunday] September 14, 2008
Location: Bed
Music: Beautiful Dirt [Dir en grey]
Mood: Annoyed

IE 8 Beta 2
August 28, 2008, 8:11 pm
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IE 8 Beta 2

Beta 2…? Sounds… interesting.

I downloaded the Internet Explorer Beta 2 version this morning on the kitchen computer, affectionately dubbed the ‘motherboard’. This afternoon, upon returning to school, I’ve looked at it, tweaked with the settings just a bit, and I’m making my first call on it.

…Microsoft needs help. Desperately. What happened to the Vista patches that might make the programme work with regular computers? Mine runs it nicely, but that’s because of the huge amount of memory in it…

…I guess they thought that releasing a new Internet Explorer update would pacify Vista users?

In addition, it’s a nightmare with WordPress, but it has a few nice features:

  • InPrivate Browsing: InPrivate browsing automatically hides you while you have it activated, effectively rendering your cookies and history from that particular session useless. This means that if you log into something, you’ll be logged out as soon as you close the window. This also means I can shamelessly browse and post on [my father seems to think that it contains inappropriate materials for a seventeen-year-old’s eyes, nevermind that there are fifteen year olds writing it]. This is my favourite feature.
  • A cleaner toolbar: the toolbar is no longer a mockery of Firefox [or at least, no as much], but somethnig that fits with Vista’s general ‘minimalist’ theme. It looks like they’re starting to get the hang of aesthetics, I credit them with that much.
  • It would seem that choosing the search engine you want instead of the Live Search that my friends and I so desperately wish to destroy is much easier. I have Google set as mine – I was prompted to choose when I first opened up my new browser after a quick reboot.

Hopefully these little things will make it worth my time. The little things [such as the hugely distorted Title entry area in the WordPress ‘Create New Post’ area] are bugging me, but hopefully Microsoft will shine through when they release the full version of IE 8.

I’ll be waiting.


Date: [Thursday] August 28, 2008
Location: Kitchen
Music: Storm [Gackt]
Mood: Mildly miffed at IE 8

Goals for the 2008-2009 School Year
August 24, 2008, 7:01 pm
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Goals for the 2008-2009 School Year


-Take and pass Mandarin Chinese I in less than one semester with a 90 or better
-Take and pass English III in less than two semesters with an 85 or better
-Take and pass Business Law in less than two semesters with a 90 or better
-Look into a Japanese high school semester-based exchange programme, meet qualifications
-Take the equivalent of Japanese I and learn basic survival language



Purchase the album ‘Access Best Selection’ by Access [3 disc set XD]
-Purchase the album ‘Merveilles’ by Malice Mizer
-Purchase the album ‘ROENTGEN’ by HYDE
-Purchase the album ‘MOON’ by Gackt
Purchase the game ‘Pump it Up! Exceed’ for the Xbox [Korean DDR, has five steps instead of four]
Purchase an Xbox
Dye hair blue, or get blue streaks in hair**
-Save money for stuff after high school
Attend Japanese concert***
-Watch enough of Gundam Mobile Suit series to understand what the heck people online are talking about
-Purchase Moon Child
-Watch Moon Child more than twice more
-Finish ‘Scare Tactics’, my Moon Child fanfic [less than 50% done and over 49 pages!]
-Get band started if the one I’m currently in doesn’t find enough members
-Finish Web of Night series
-Participate in NanoWriMo with Rune Riordan [if I have time]
-Make it to Otakon in 2009 [this is only possible if I have very good grades in school]
-Keep in contact with old friends
-Try to stay hypoglycemic rather than lapsing into diabetes [that’s a good goal to have… ><]
-Get back into shape, lose weight [another good goal…]
-Get driver’s permit back from the state
Take pictures of room and post online*


*I actually finished working in my room some! xD
** I dyed my hair green. It looks AWESOME.
*** November is Dir en grey month! I get to go see them in concert in Atlanta.


Date: [Sunday] August 24, 2008  <—One more day ’til school!
Location: Kitchen
Music: Fur Elise (remix) [DJ Mystik]
Mood: Annoyed

Jealousy is Green-Eyed, So What’s Green-Haired?
August 23, 2008, 4:12 pm
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Jealousy is Green-Eyed, So What's Green-Haired?

It should say something that I wanted my hair an unnatural colour to begin with…

So school starts on Monday. And my hair is green. Like, it’s not all green, but a good portion of it is, with a few of my blonde streaks remaining inside of it.


And not only that, but my father hates it.

And I love it – maybe I’ll get it redone.

I wonder what kind of first impression this is going to make? Will teachers stare in shock as I walk down the hall? Will students attempt to pull on my hair again [it happened when I first started putting blonde in my hair]?

I don’t know, honestly. I think that people’ll just whisper and laugh at me, and that’s fine by me. *shrug* I don’t care if they do that. But if I get suspended until the colouring washes out, I’m going to be mad. Unnatural hair colours are permitted in my state, so any kind of retaliation by the public school system will be met with annoyance.


I’ll put out an update when I get a chance to figure out what’s going on with everything, maybe I’ll put up a picture or something so that people online can laugh at me too. xD


Date: [Saturday] August 23, 2008
Location: Kitchen
Music: Shining Collection [ICEMAN]
Mood: …my head hurts too much to worry about that…

Summer 2008 Songs

Summer 2008 Songs

Some of you might’ve seen how I have the writers of Rikutsu Kurasu structure their headings. For those of you that haven’t, it’s like this [I’m giving an example based on an upcoming fic I’m working on]:

‘Moon Child’
“Scare Tactics” by Ryuuzaki Kusakurin

DISCLAIMER: [insert disclaimer]

Warnings: [stuff like ‘rough language’, ‘violence’, etc., go here]
Characters: [characters involved in the story]
Theme Songs: [songs I listened to while working on the story]
Pairings: [if there are any pairings involved, they’re listed here]

[Author notes go here]

So, that aside, Yumi asked me why I ask for the theme song area, which in turn became a conversation about the most frequently used songs while writing, and then my favourites. So I made a list for her. [and she said I wouldn’t do it. Hah.]

Top 15 Songs of Summer 2008:

Number 15: Rumor [Miyavi]

Number 14: Obscure [Dir en grey]

Number 13: Nocturnal Romance [Moi dix Mois]

Number 12: Zhong Guo Hua [S.H.E.]

Number 11: Fragrance [Gackt]

Number 10: LOVE SAVER [T.M.Revolution]

Number 9: HOWLING [abingdon boys school]

Number 8: Season’s Call [HYDE]

Number 7: ダウト&トラスト [Access]

Number 6: Señor Señora Señorita [Miyavi]

Number 5: Zips [T.M.Revolution]

Number 4: Mizérable [Gackt]

Number 3: Vanilla [Gackt]

Number 2: Nine Spiral [Gackt]

Number 1: Illuminati [Malice Mizer]

I realise that Illuminati is vaguely blasphemous, but it got the top spot for sounding so good and being one of the first songs I heard of Malice Mizer. I immidiately fell in love with the band, and from there started wandering into an entirely new genre. I’m so glad I did. *nods*

Some Contenders [that didn’t make the list]:

Nervous Breakdown [abingdon boys school]
Innocent Sorrow [abingdon boys school]
瞳ノ翼 [Access]
EDGE [Access]
Sandstorm [Darude]
Lu:Na [Gackt]
Metamorphoze [Gackt]
Speed Master [Gackt]
Albireo [T.M.Revolution]
Invoke [T.M.Revolution]
Coinlockers Baby [Miyavi]
LOST HEAVEN [L’Arc~en~Ciel]


Date: [Thursday] August 14, 2008
Location: Grandparents’ House
Music: Señor Señora Señorita [Miyavi]
Mood: Vaguely Buzzed (too many energy drinks)

Didja Miss Me?
August 12, 2008, 2:49 pm
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Didja Miss Me?

…I think I’m alive, I’m still tired, but I’m alive. And I’ve got my sleep schedule back. Three points!

Alright, I’ve taken a few days to rest and unpack, and so I’m back!

*waves frantically at friends*

Major highlights of vacation:

I was on a boat. A big boat. Its name was ‘Enchantment of the Seas’, and we visited Florida’s Key West, Cozumel [and Tulum], and Belize City.

It was really hot, I had to shed my jacket to go outside. I was also made to go in the sunlight, during the day, which meant I got very little sleep and lots of sunburns. *sigh* But the views from the ship’s fifth and sixth decks were amazing.

In Cozumel, taxi drivers… well… they drive like maniacs. Especially if you tell them you’re in a hurry. Then they don’t stop for pedestrians.

Belize is really poor, but they have so much natural beauty available to them… Their barrier reef is an amazing place to dive and snorkel. If you ever have the opportunity, TAKE IT! You won’t regret it!

Ships apparently make me sick. Not exactly a good highlight.

Key West is a pretty touristy place, not really worth your time unless you love to shop. The only attractions for me there were watching the drunks doing exactly that: being drunk, and the key lime pie. Not too many options there…

Tulum is an amazing place. The Mayan ruins of Tulum were breathtaking. It’s amazing that they’re still standing after the weathering they’ve taken, being next to the sea and on the Yucatan penninsula to boot. It’s a testament to the creators of the city itself. Go to Tulum if you’re in the area.

The water in Cozumel and in Belize is beautiful! It’s soooo clear, you can see down to the bottom if you have goggles on! It’s so pretty… I guess they take better care of their environment than we do ours?

In other words, I had a great time. I had my hair done in about a thousands braids [less, but it sure felt weird] while I was there – half done in Cozumel, half done in Belize. It was the strangest hairstyle I’ve had, I can tell you that much. I pulled it out the day after I got back – it was starting to itch.

Anyway, I’m back, thank yous to everyone who called me or texted me to let me know they missed me.


Date: [Tuesday] August 12, 2008
Location: Kitchen
Music: 一匹狼論 [Miyavi]
Mood: Tired